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None of our apps include analytics, any kind of tracking, social network features or ads.

We do not collect personal information.

Some of our apps may include a link to our other apps in the App Store and a link to our website as well as an email link (to the same address) so you can ask for support or provide feedback.

About Us

GaSsED Games is an Australian owned and operated company. We’re a group of colleagues (with qualifications and years of experience in education and technology) creating learning for young children. Our products are developed based on the Australian Curriculum and feature the QBeginners font children learn in Queensland schools. Our suite of apps cater to all students, including reluctant writers or special needs children, anyone who will benefit from alternative learning methods. Our apps also cater for advanced learners with settings and levels that can be customised to increase or decrease the degree of difficulty.

In our English suite, teachers love the way we have adapted the look, cover, write, check method in the spelling apps. Teachers also said they like how we incorporated showing the context of the word by demonstrating the use of each word in a sentence. In mySpelling particularly, teachers commented it was the first app they’d seen with the option to record your own sentence, which they said was ‘great’.

Our maths suite has also attracted positive feedback from teachers. Maths Tournament and Magic Maths (which were ‘very well liked’ by students) have a two player mode whereby students can sit end-to-end at a tablet and battle their maths skills. Our philosophy when creating maths apps is to provide as much flexibility as possible. Users can change the settings easily so they can focus on specific elements to meet their need, controlling which operations (+ – * /) spread of numbers and more.

We’re focused on developing fun and safe learning for students. This means we don’t have in-app advertising and links to our website or support email address are routed through a parent gate.

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